My Life in Peru

An Expat Mom Shares Her Experiences with Peruvian Life, Travel and Food

Easy Homemade Kitchen Staples

Living overseas can make it difficult to find or prepare some of your favorite foods. But you know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way! A lot of things that I like, I have my mom ship to me from the US, or sometimes someone who is traveling will bring things down […]

How to Choose a School in Lima?

Where to  send their kids to school is a constant source of conversation for expatriates around the world, and here in Peru it’s no different. Because of the sheer volume of choices, it’s probably an even bigger topic here in Lima than elsewhere in the country. The lowest rung on the ladder are the public […]

Summer Fun

Anyone raising kids in Peru knows that once school is out, it’s time for “talleres” or summer programs. Taller literally translates to “workshop” and just like in English, it can refer to the place where you do some sort of work or to something like a learning workshop or lesson. When the boys were smaller, […]

Life Changes Yet Again

I just posted about 3 weeks ago about my father in law and how he would be coming to live with us.  I talked about us being in the “Sandwich Generation” – raising kids and caring for elderly parents, and being “sandwiched” in between those responsibilities. Sadly, this new phase in our life didn’t last […]

The Sandwich Generation

Have you heard of the Sandwich Generation?  It’s that generation of folks who find themselves “sandwiched” between taking care of their children and their aging parents. Today, my father-in-law came to live with us, and we officially became members.  Coincidentally, July is Sandwich Generation Month, too. Of course, this is much more common in South America […]

Restaurante El Cevichon

Instead of going out for my birthday, we decided to save a little cash and combine it with Father’s Day.  That’s why on Sunday, the Hubs, the boys and I all headed off to our favorite ceviche place, “El Cevichon” (The Big Ceviche – I love that name!) over on Av. de la Rosa Toro […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m taking a break today – because it’s my birthday! Since I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, we’re going to wait until Sunday to go out. Also, that lets us combine it with Father’s Day, so we save a little money (always frugal, us!). I haven’t felt up to celebrating my birthday much […]

Learning in Peru

Sometimes, I really like the things my kid is learning in school.  Especially in math – I’ve always felt that the math here is pretty advanced in comparison to math taught in the US to similar age groups, and that the kids are expected to keep up. Sex Education is another course where I think […]

I’ve Caught a Cold :(

(I’m in the running for the top 25 Expat Mom Blogs over at Circle of Moms – You can help me make the list  by going here and clicking the little orange button! )   Last week, Chato was sick with a cold, bad enough that he had to spend a day home from school. […]

Life Goes on in Lima

Some of my friends back home look at my life in Peru as a bit of an escape.  People think of Peru, and they think of jungles and mountains, fascinating archeological ruins, llamas and and maybe the Amazon river. They don’t often think of the day to day life that we live. Life here isn’t […]

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    I got tired of life happening while I made other plans, so I quit my job and came to Peru. I live here with my Peruvian husband, two sons, three dogs and various other family members, depending on the weather.

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