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Avocado Smoothies

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch with the boys. We had an avocado salad with our meal, and I brought up the fact that avocado is actually a fruit rather than a vegetable.  It led into a conversation about other veggies that are really fruits, and then my […]

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

Image by Tri. via Flickr As you might guess, I don’t always cook Peruvian food.  This is one of those times. Actually, the way I cook this now is a little different from the way I did when I was in the US. I use a bit of the recipe for tallarin saltado, but with […]

Quinoa Soup – Sopa de Quinua

The Incas really knew what they were doing when it came to nutrition.  Quinoa (or quinua) was a major part of their diet, second only to the potato.  They held it sacred, and called it the ‘mother of all grains’. The truth is that quinoa isn’t actually a grain.  Grains come from grass plants like […]

Arroz con Leche – Peruvian Style Rice Pudding

Image via Wikipedia Last night, when the Hubs came home from work, he brought a treat for all of us – arroz con leche with mazamora morada.  Huh? Arroz con leche means rice with milk.  In the English speaking world, we call it rice pudding. It’s a traditional dessert that’s prepared with a few simple […]

Tallarin Verde – Peruvian Green Spaghetti

Back in my old life in Florida, I was never really much of a pesto eater.  Not because I dislike it, but simply because it’s not something that ever came up in my day to day life.  But since I’ve come to Peru, I’ve learned to love tallarin verde (green noodles), which is a pesto […]

Lomo Saltado

Image by canelita0306 via Flickr When I first met my husband, he lived in Nassau, Bahamas,  and I was flying back and forth from Florida visiting him.  I didn’t know anything about Peruvian cooking, but decided I’d try to impress him with a Peruvian dish, and I picked lomo saltado, as it was one of […]

Tallarin Saltado

Image by Postlatino via Flickr I”m used to eating US style – take for example, meat loaf.  When I cook meat loaf, one night I might make it with mashed potatoes and green beans.  Another time, I might make it with baked potato and carrots – or mac n cheese and broccoli.  It’s not usually […]

Angel Hair Pasta in Garlic Butter

I’m a nut for garlic. I’ll eat it in just about anything. For a long time, the only way I’d eat spaghetti was with butter and a bit of garlic salt sprinkled on top – it’s still a favorite snack for me.   Well, I made a stir fry the other night, and cooked up […]

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    I got tired of life happening while I made other plans, so I quit my job and came to Peru. I live here with my Peruvian husband, two sons, three dogs and various other family members, depending on the weather.

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