My Life in Peru

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My Never-Ending Search for Privacy in Peru

Privacy. It’s something that, as an American, I pretty much took for granted in my home. I had to be making a lot of noise before anyone could even hear me outside my home. Our neighbors were friendly, but kept to their own business and didn’t spend time sticking their nose into mine. That came […]

Dancing in Parque Kennedy Miraflores Lima Peru

For the 10+ years I’ve lived in Lima, Friday nights in Miraflores have been one of my favorite things. The weekends in Parque Kennedy provide so many different things for residents and tourists alike. Art shows and sales, handicrafts for sale and people singing and dancing in the street! What could be more lovely? One […]

“Happy” Comes To Lima, Peru

If you haven’t yet heard “Happy” – the hugely popular tune from the movie Despicable Me 2 by Pharrell Williams – well, what cave have you been living in?? This song has been EVERYWHERE! It’s even got it’s own 24 hour video channel, playing the song round the clock as people walk, ride and drive […]

Just How Bad Is Lima Traffic? You Might Be Surprised!

We foreigners in Peru love to talk about how God-awful the traffic is – even though there’s always a few people who try to convince us otherwise. It’s something I’ve written about here on the blog before – traffic is just cray-cray. I’ve tried to show it with video and pictures, but I don’t think […]

Christmas Eve Fireworks in Los Olivos

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and All That Jazz! It’s about 3am Christmas morning – and I’ve GOT to share my video from tonight! This is our first Christmas living in Los Olivos. Before, we lived in Miraflores, where things are a little more genteel. There were fireworks and rockets, but nothing like the people do […]

Crime on our Street, Part 2

In case you missed it, yesterday I told the story of how the mirrors were stolen from our car – ripped off by a couple of punks in broad daylight, right in front of our house. ¬†(If you want more detail, you can read the story here) But now – there’s more to the story! […]

Crime On Our Street in Lima Peru

I’ve been living in Lima for nearly 10 years now, since early 2004. When I first moved here, I was terrified to go out on the street on my own. We lived in a poor part of Lima, in Surquillo – in an area the locals call “Little Chicago” because of its high crime rate. […]

Lima’s New Public Transit System

Sitting in the back of a battered taxi, stuck in afternoon traffic, I chose the lesser of two evils and rolled up the window despite the stifling heat. It was preferable to choking on the fumes of thousands of idling cars, trucks and motorcycles. With a population of almost 9 million Lima is a mega-city […]

We Never Miss The Garbage Man

We recently moved up to Los Olivos – a very different part of Lima than where we lived before, in Miraflores. We love it here! It’s more ‘alive’ than our old neighborhood – noisier, and with a warmth that we had been missing. One of my favorite things is the garbage man – or should […]

Happy New Year 2012!

I hope all my friends out there in cyberspace have made it into the New Year safely! News reports here in Lima say that the bomberos were called out to more than 50 fires in the early morning hours, thanks (or no thanks) to the insane quantity of illegal fireworks that were going off. Seriously […]

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    I got tired of life happening while I made other plans, so I quit my job and came to Peru. I live here with my Peruvian husband, two sons, three dogs and various other family members, depending on the weather.

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