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Potato Chowder

The weather in Lima has been getting progressively cooler. You might not notice it much day to day,  but it suddenly seems there’s a definite chill in the air – especially in the early morning and evenings.  Running around barefoot is no longer fun, as the cool tile floor that felt so good when it […]

Puré de Papas or Peruvian Style Mashed Potatoes

I don’t talk often here about side dishes. One of the big reasons for that is that – generally speaking – there isn’t a lot of variation in side dishes in Peruvian meals. You’ll have rice with every meal (unless the meal is pasta based), and then usually boiled potatoes, yuca, or camote (yams). Beans […]

Chilcano de Pescado

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a recipe for the Chilcano de Pisco, a delightful Pisco drink. At the time, I said not to confuse it with Chilcano de pescado, which is a fish soup. Then I got to thinking, the best way to make sure no one gets them mixed up would be […]

Papa Rellena Peruana

A week or so ago, someone sent me a message asking me if I knew what papa rellena was, and if I had a recipe for it. You betcha! Papa rellena is Spanish for stuffed potato, and it’s a common appetizer and street food. When the boys were very little, street vendors outside the school […]

Escribano – Peruvian Potato Salad

I’ve mentioned before that in Peru,  the main meal of the day is typically eating at what I consider lunch time. There’s a saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a business man and dinner like a beggar”.  While I don’t often see anyone eating a very big breakfast, I do see them eating […]

Best Hashbrowns Ever

Image by Premshree Pillai via Flickr Since I was talking so much about potatoes lately, I figured I’d give y’all another really delicious but really easy recipe with potatoes. I also went with this because I was feeling really lazy today, and not up to writing a big long post. 😀 Don’t judge me, please. […]

Causa con Pollo

Image by MarcoIE via Flickr Now that we’ve learned a little about potatoes, let’s make something with them! Causa is one of my very favorite Peruvian dishes.  It’s made by mashing yellow potatoes (papas amarillas) and then layering or filling them jelly roll style with … well, whatever you like.  There is causa filled with […]

More Peruvian Potatoes

Last time, I wrote about three of the most popular potatoes eaten in Peru. But there are literally 100s of different potatoes in this country, so those three were barely scratching the surface. Here are a few other potatoes that you can find in Peruvian markets and grocery stores. Papa ccompis – this is a […]

Peruvian Potatoes

Image by Carolina Murga via Flickr When I was young and learning to cook, a potato was just a potato.  Sure, I knew there were different types of potatoes, but I didn’t really think much of it, other than buying big baking potatoes for baking, and small red-skinned for salads or corned beef and taters. […]

Lomo Saltado

Image by canelita0306 via Flickr When I first met my husband, he lived in Nassau, Bahamas,  and I was flying back and forth from Florida visiting him.  I didn’t know anything about Peruvian cooking, but decided I’d try to impress him with a Peruvian dish, and I picked lomo saltado, as it was one of […]

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    I got tired of life happening while I made other plans, so I quit my job and came to Peru. I live here with my Peruvian husband, two sons, three dogs and various other family members, depending on the weather.

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